BioRey DNA



We work exclusively with organic growers from our long-term reliable network. We always like to share the stories behind our growers and especially their products because we aim to always be transparent and open to everyone.

If we sell a product that turns out not to comply with legislation, you will receive a second delivery from us free of cost.


BioRey works at a professional level and strives to deliver the highest quality possible. We are therefore IFS Broker certified and in consultation we will closely monitor and follow up the contract agreements and/or product specifications.

If you receive a product from us and you can demonstrate that the product does not meet the product specifications and/or quality requirements, BioRey will fully comply with the claim at all times.


We continuously search for new products within the community and follow the latest trends in product processing and packaging options. In addition, we follow dieticians and star chefs on social media to ensure that we stay up to date about the latest trends and make the latest fruit and vegetable trends accessible to everyone.


Within our community we work in an open and honest way to make sure we grow and work together with a big smile on our face. We are always in for a joke but we will never let this get in the way of our professionalism. 😉

Do you feel like we have points to improve on? Please feel free to e-mail us and we guarantee to respond and – if possible – improve within 24 hours after receiving your e-mail.